The Tsimayó chile farm in Chimayó, New Mexico was established to preserve the authenticity of the Chimayó heirloom chile, the integrity of its heritage farming methods, and the legacy of its embodiment of New Mexico culture. For over 400 years, the families of this region have carefully passed down, from generation to generation, the chile seeds brought by the Spanish explorers and the native heritage farming methods. 

To further ensure the authenticity of its Chimayó chile crop, Tsimayó consulted with the Chile Pepper Institute and New Mexico State University College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences to gain a deeper understanding of his land from cultural and scientific standpoints.

Small businesses throughout the Northern New Mexico community immediately recognized Tsimayó’s unique use of authentic New Mexico Chimayó chiles to create a product that embodies New Mexico values. They were the first to carry the Tsimayó hot sauces for retail and online shopping; these include Made in New Mexico in Taos, Galleria Ortega in Chimayó, The Santuario de Chimayó in Chimayó, The Chimayó Trading Post in Espanola, Gift & Gourmet in Santa Fe, and De Colores in Albuquerque. 

Since Tsimayó represents all the best of New Mexico, its authentic NM Chimayó chiles and hot sauce products meet the highest agricultural, food safety and nutritional standards. Comprehensive analytical testing is performed on the Chimayó, New Mexico farm soil, the powder from the Chimayó chile fruits, and final hot sauce product they are used to create. The rigorous chemical, microbiological, nutritional, shelf-life and Scoville units testing regimens are performed in national and international accredited labs using methods and procedures recognized by the FDA and USDA. All of Tsimayó’s hot sauce products meet the FDA’s Nutritional Labeling and Education Act (NELA) requirements.

Chimayo, NM